Job Description

Job Title Cashier
Type of Position Full Time
Department Food & Beverage
Position Description
  • TOP - Essential for the performance of the function and with most responsibility (the core of the function)
  • Provide fast, friendly and efficient service to Guests
  • Acknowledge, greet customers and converse with Guests who approach the Cashier area of the restaurant
  • Give clear directions to Guests when necessary
  • Process cash, comp, coupon or credit card transactions
  • Handle all cash transactions by accepting money, comps, redeem points, vouchers, and credit cards and making accurate change
  • Ensure that charges are correct and that the Guest’s signature is legible
  • Ensure to ring up the sales for any single transaction
  • Report to senior cashier for any extraordinary issue occurs in outlets
  • STANDARD – Daily duties that the team member need to do, with minor responsibility
  • Process and stamp on PAID chop to all vouchers received before dropping off to TMB
  • Account for Guest checks as either used or unused
  • Ensure all non-cash checks are matched with “Shift Reset Report” (IG System) or “Employee Financial Report” (MICROS System)
  • Able to settle different kinds of credit card payment; CUP and DDC
  • Responsible to differentiate and group all guest check into different group and robe it neatly with rubber bank before putting inside the non-cash envelope and drop to non-cash drop off box in TMB
  • Ensure to return the right amount of the initial float before end the shift
  • Record all necessary information on assigned log shift or log book before end the shift
  • Ensure all daily cash revenue received are placed inside remittance envelope and present to TMB
  • Be responsible for all missing checks and report to senior cashier
  • Be responsible to count the initial float at the beginning and end of each shift inside TMB under CCTV coverage
  • Emphasize good personal behavior as per guidelines laid down in the Team Member Handbook and promote the spirit of team work
  • Maintain personal grooming as per property’s procedures
  • Meet the attendance guidelines of the job and adhere to regulatory, Departmental and Company policies
Position Requirements
  • High School degree preferred
  • 1 or more years’ experience in related area
  • Read, write, speak and understand English and Chinese
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be hardworking and able to work independently
  • Get along with fellow Team Members and work as a team
  • Be willing to work any day of the week and any shift
  • Good at reading and writing in Cantonese
  • Good at listening in English
  • Good at listening and conversation in Mandarin
  • POS System
  • Micros System
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